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  We design products for your specific application including:

  • custom brushless motors,
  • electric motors,
  • universal motors,
  • permanent magnet motors,
  • gear motors,
  • motor part sets,
  • armature and field sets,

regardless of volume. We offer complete motor, gear train and application design service to meet all your products needs. Don't settle for performance and mechanical specifications or deliveries that fail to meet your needs. All our products are built to UL requirements with flexible tooling and fixtures that reduce our setup and production lead times.

Everyone at Current Applications is dedicated to providing our customers with competitively priced products built to the highest standards and delivered on time. Our commitment is to provide each and every customer with a product and service that is unsurpassed in the electric motor industry.

There is no need to accept a product that falls short of your expectations. Call us! We welcome the opportunity to discuss your electric motor or motor parts sets requirements today.

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Amaco Brent

Amaco Brent

Greenlee UT10-2S
AC Brushless Motor



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