Manufacturers Sales Representatives


New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Eastern PA.

Precision Devices Associates, Inc.                            
Phil Grimado                                       pdaico@verizon.net
753 Greens Avenue
Suite #2
Long Branch, NJ 07740


Phone: 1-732-741-6188
Fax:     1-732-741-1048
Cell:    1-908-347-1018


Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa

RCOM, Inc.                                         www.rcominc.com
Warren Twiehaus                               warrent@rcominc.com
3650 Annapolis Lane, Suite 160
Minneapolis, MN, 55447


Phone: 1-763-557-2801
Fax:     1-763-557-2826


Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Western Pennsylvania

JLS Industrial Sales, Inc.
John J. Schuld                                    jschuld@jlsindustrial.com
Neil Schuld                                         nschuld@jlsindustrial.com
25000 Center Ridge Road #2
Cleveland, OH 44145-4105


Phone: 1-440-892-0340




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